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5 Reasons Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time (and Money)

Posted on February 2022

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​The technology sector covers a range of skills and abilities which are in high demand, and the consistent rise of emerging technologies means as an employer, it is important to retain those employees who are harder to come by when hiring.

However, in the busy tech labor market, you are also more likely to encounter skilled employees who will resign from their position for more senior or lucrative offers from competitors.

High performers are in demand in the tech sector, and it will be tempting to offer counter-offers of a wage increase to those who are planning to leave. However, counter-offers are simply a quick fix solution to the underlying issues which made your employee hand in their resignation in the first place.

This article covers the main reasons why counter-offers are ultimately a waste of time and money, and why it pays to instead let your employee walk away and not get involved in negotiations which won’t help your company in the long-term.

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