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From Azure to AWS: Finding the Perfect Cloud Professionals

Posted on November 2023

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In the tech-driven business landscape, a staggering 78% of executives in a PwC survey revealed that their companies have embraced cloud computing across most or all parts of their operations, highlighting how today's businesses are increasingly utilizing cloud tech on their continuous quest for innovation and efficiency.

Amidst this cloud-centric shift, niche cloud services have become essential, offering specialized solutions within the broader cloud market tailored to precise organizational needs. However, companies are facing a significant challenge; locating technology experts skilled in these niche areas is like finding a digital needle in a haystack, making the search for professionals adept in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, as well as PaaS/IaaS platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, all the more daunting.

Why We're All About Niche Cloud Services

So, what makes niche cloud services so useful? In one word: customization. Whether it's a cloud that's all yours (private), one you share (public), or a mix (hybrid), they need to tick all the boxes for your business's unique needs. Whether you need world-class security or to comply with tight regulations, one-size-fits-all solutions don't always cut it.

The Public Cloud Quest

Take public clouds, for example. Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud are big names with lots to offer. They're the backbone for many companies, helping them to seamlessly grow. But what if you need something extra special? That's when you need a public cloud pro who can do more than just the basics, able to blend their technical expertise with the ability to adapt to your organization's requirements and challenges.

The Private Cloud Puzzle

Moving on to private clouds, these professionals need to be perfectionists, particularly from a security and networking standpoint as they'll be responsible for protecting all of your sensitive information. Finding the masterminds who can set these up just right isn't easy.

The Hybrid Cloud Hunt

And then there are the hybrid cloud heroes. These experts have the know-how to mix and match on-site tech with private and public clouds to make a perfect tech solution. But these professionals are tough to track down because they've got to be good at a lot of things at once, and have experience with your specific tech stack.

The PaaS/IaaS Craftsmen

Let's not forget the PaaS and IaaS experts, who build the foundation that lets all your apps and services run smoothly in the cloud. These professionals need to be versatile, with a solid grip on both the development and operational aspects of cloud services, which makes them quite the find in the tech world.

Top Tips For Finding Cloud Talent

With these experts being so rare, how do you actually find them? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Teach Your Own: Get your current team trained up with the right certifications, like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Google's Professional Cloud Architect.

  • Get Help from a Specialist Cloud Recruiter: At Glocomms, we have the cloud computing expertise to help find people with the niche skills you need.

  • Take a Look at Your Tech Benefits Package: Offer exciting projects and a ladder to climb, and you'll attract experts looking for a great career.

  • Explore Freelance Talent: Sometimes the best people are the ones you hire for just one project. It's a great stopgap while you look for the perfect full-time star.

Looking for Cloud Talent?

The hunt for the perfect cloud expert is tricky. With a little strategy and some savvy searching, you can lock down the pros who'll help you make the most of the cloud. Partnering with Glocomms means you don't have to go it alone. We've got the connections and know-how to connect you with hard-to-find professionals with the niche cloud skills you're looking for.

Glocomms has the experience, the experts, and the enthusiasm to make sure your business doesn't just keep up; it stands out. Request talent by completing the form below.

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