• 5 ways to fast track your talent process as a tech firm

    11 days ago

    1. ALIGN EXPECTATIONSTell your talent partner what you want. At Glocomms we often say that the close is at the start – in other words we manage tech professionals expectations from the very beginning and make sure they align with the role, which is why it is really important businesses know what they want.​2. THE NEED FOR SPEED Don’t drag your heels - Top talent simply won’t...

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  • How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

    about 2 months ago

    Finding the perfect candidate for your latest role can be a long and arduous road. Once you have found the employee with the skills you need and an attitude which will fit perfectly within your team, it is time to make your job offer. In a perfect world, you will get an enthusiastic acceptance. However, if you are hiring in a busy sector, or trying it is likely you may have ...

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    Job Offer
  • Hiring Metrics: Fast Track Your Recruitment Process

    3 months ago by Isabella Dunning

    ​Today, many organizations across all sectors are falling short at the first hurdle to secure business-critical talent. Whilst the reasons may be nuanced and depend on several variables, it’s largely due to the time it takes to hire.We sat down with Adam Nightingale, Vice President at Glocomms, to discuss actionable strategies for business leaders and jobseekers alike on how...

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  • 5 Reasons Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time (and Money)

    8 months ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​The technology sector covers a range of skills and abilities which are in high demand, and the consistent rise of emerging technologies means as an employer, it is important to retain those employees who are harder to come by when hiring.However, in the busy tech labor market, you are also more likely to encounter skilled employees who will resign from their position for mo...

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    Glo 5 Reasons Counter Offers Are A Waste Of Time
  • The Evolution of Big Data Recruitment

    8 months ago by Larissa Hirst

    Discover 5 tips on how big data recruitment can help attract & retain talent. A shortage of talent in data means it’s never been more important for hiring managers and HR to understand how to attract, and just as importantly, retain their talent. According to Agni Ghosh, Vice President of Data at Glocomms USA, while data has always been part of tech, it is now its own b...

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    Evolution Of Data Ai
  • The Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Find Talent

    9 months ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove arduous for any company. But the process becomes even more challenging when you work within a niche industry or sector. In these situations, a specialist recruiter can help find the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role.There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking to find niche talent:Deep...

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  • How to Help a New Employee Relocate

    about 1 year ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​The global technology sector thrives on a global workforce where leading organizations are expected to provide brilliant and competitive relocation packages which will attract top talent to make the big move to your location. More companies are increasing their relocation budgets as more staff with specific skill sets are required to keep companies ahead within the ever-evo...

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    Glo How To Help A New Employee Relocate
  • The Key to Writing a Great Employer Value Proposition

    over 1 year ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​If you are struggling to source the best talent for your company, you are not alone. A survey by Indeed found that nine out of ten tech companies in the US find the task of recruitment ‘challenging’. It is a fiercely competitive sector, with a lack of skilled graduates available to fulfill high demands.The call for employment in the tech sector means companies are now adapt...

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  • Top Trends to Improve your ED&I Strategy

    over 1 year ago

    ​The global relevance of equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I), as a business value and organizing principle, remains a key concern for recruiters and many organizations. ED&I is a powerful enabler of innovation and growth;companies that lead with this progressive course of action, not only address systemic barriers, but drive impactful change within all areas of t...

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  • How To Avoid Bias In Job Descriptions

    over 1 year ago

    There is overwhelming evidence that companies with diverse workforces perform better on every possible metric, with diversity positively impacting every level of a business, from the cleaning staff to the board of directors. Bringing in as many perspectives, working styles and experience as possible to a workplace leads to integration, success and growth to those businesses ...

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    How To Avoid Hiring Bias Glo  Glocomms Blog Image How To Avoid Bias
  • 2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward

    over 1 year ago

    It’s tempting to enter 2021 with blind optimism, eager to put the challenges of 2020 behind us. However, to learn as much as possible from the adversities we all faced last year, we’d like to suggest that we begin 2021 with a brief period of reflection. Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution this year, perhaps more can be achieved by reflecting on the challenges of 2020 ...

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  • Why Flexible Working is No Longer a Benefit

    about 2 years ago

    ​Flexible working has been a growing trend for many years; with the outbreak of COVID-19, this trend has reached its tipping point.  For many employers, flexible working arrangements have been the only way to handle the unprecedented challenges the pandemic brought about; with 78% of workers now saying they want increased flexibility in their work moving forward, it will be ...

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  • Ready to Reopen? Help Employees Back to the Office with these Six Steps

    about 2 years ago

    ​Naturally, the tech sector has taken to working from home like a duck to water. Social media giants like Twitter have announced that their employees can work from home indefinitely. This arrangement comes with it’s own set of challenges to engagement, morale, productivity and performance. How can tech companies help employees who are keen to return to the office?Over the la...

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    Glo   Ready To Reopen
  • How to Avoid a Talent Exodus Post-Pandemic

    about 2 years ago

    Nobody yet knows what the legacy of COVID-19 will be; HR and recruitment experts are increasingly concerned businesses which do survive this period will face a further crisis in the shape of talent acquisition and retention in ‘the new normal’.Anxiety about the workforce is not new: PWC's latest Annual Global CEO Survey found that 80% of CEOs are either extremely or somewhat...

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  • Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

    about 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    Tech companies who offer more flexible working arrangements are employers of choice; joining the ranks of techcompanies like Twitter who have announced working from home will be the new norm, forever. It will come as no surprise that 82% of the tech workforce want the flexibility to work from home. It may surprise you, however, to learn that working from home can boost the p...

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  • Turn of the Tide: How to Hire in a Candidate-Flooded Market

    over 2 years ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​​Hiring managers, you have endured the length and breadth of the talent shortage. For years, every job post has been met with a trickle of responses, so much so that you have waited nervously to see if the source finally dries up. You have revised, rethought, and remade every aspect of your talent acquisition process, several times over, in an attempt to drive up interest.T...

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    Glo   Wave
  • Leading from the Front: How Tech Companies are Securing Talent

    over 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    The continued Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in the largest working-from-home population in human history alongside a period of great economic uncertainty. In this time of uncertainty, the technology sector has the opportunity to lead the way and create solutions for businesses, individuals and governments involved in this unprecedented situation. It will need to retain and a...

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  • How to Virtually Onboard New Tech Talent

    over 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    Hiring managers, you put a lot of time and effort into securing a business-critical hire for your technology team. Amid current uncertainty in the US, you have decided to onboard a new employee remotely rather than risk them finding another role with a competitor. How can you ensure they have a positive experience of your company and help them transition back to the office w...

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  • Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interviews

    over 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread across the US, technology companies are at the forefront of providing the tools for move companies to move to a remote working model. Organizations will be looking to bring on top technology talent to provide innovative solutions and maintain the security of the technologies people rely on. It is also an opportune moment to use t...

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  • International Women's Day 2020: An Interview with Rebecca Topper

    over 2 years ago by Stephanie Cavanagh

    What role can recruitment play in creating a gender-balanced workforce throughout the technology industry? Rebecca Topper, Managing Principal Consultant at Glocomms, shares her thoughts for International Women's Day 2020.The 2020 International Women’s Day theme is that an equal world is an enabled world. What does that mean to you in technology?There is a major gender gap in...

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    Rebecca Topper Website