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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Global Survey Findings and Recommendations

Posted on March 2024

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights from Phaidon International
Discover Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights for the Technology Industry in Phaidon International’s DE&I Report

As an award-winning technology talent partner under the Phaidon International brand, clients often ask us how to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) in their workplace so they can attract, hire, and retain top talent with diverse experiences and viewpoints.  

To provide data-backed insights, we have surveyed both employees and employers from our database to understand their perspectives on company culture, discrimination, development opportunities, and DE&I training and resources at their workplace to uncover trends, disparities, and areas in need of improvement. 

The results can be found in Phaidon International's DE&I report, which explores overall trends across their six specialist brands, plus a breakdown of results for Glocomms, delving into DE&I in the technology industry.

Findings from these surveys include:




of professionals felt that their employer didn't promote an inclusive company culture, compared to 20% of organizations.

of females felt that their employer provided equal professional growth opportunities, compared to 72% of males.

of Black/African American and 45% of Asian/Pacific Islander respondents felt that their management needed more awareness or training around discrimination, harassment, or bias.

Discover the full views of both groups and uncover new areas of focus for your DE&I strategy to help improve hiring, retention, and DE&I policies based on your goals, resources, and the needs of your employees.

Discover the full views of both employers and employees in the technology industry and uncover new areas of focus for your DE&I strategy, helping you to improve hiring, retention, and DE&I policies based on your goals, resources, and the needs of your employees.

Along with our survey findings, this exclusive report also includes: 

      • How good DE&I workplace practices benefit both employers and employees 

      • The biggest DE&I challenges employers face

      • Key takeaways for employers and employees

      • DE&I resources for your region 

Katie Owston, Vice President at Glocomms New York, shares the transformations he has witnessed over the past few years, and how Glocomms helps clients with their hiring goals:

"We’re getting more questions from candidates around what companies are doing for their diverse employees, and we consult our clients on why it’s so important to have a hiring team and interview panel that reflects the diversity they’re looking to hire.

"We also introduce our opportunities to a wider range of diverse networks locally and online. This includes seeking out talent from specific universities, groups, and events that may not show up on a traditional search, and ensures our ability to present exceptional candidates with varying backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints."

Discover the results - Download your copy of this report by completing the form below:

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