1. Networking 2.0 

Gone are the days where networking involved solely going to business fairs and passing by businesses stalls. Globalization and advances in the Tech industry have made it easier than ever to reach hundreds of professionals from anywhere in the world. 

With this industry being at a record high for competitiveness, a potential job could come down to WHO you know and not solely WHAT you know. Building relationships with like-minded professionals in your industry could be the differentiator between you and other candidates. 

Reach out to people in your field, former co-workers, friends, family, and acquaintances, when you're looking for a new job. Follow influencers in your industry, get involved in online conversions, let your opinion be heard. 

It could be beneficial to contact one of our consultants and they can point you in the right direction for global and local peer groups, as well as the right LinkedIn groups specific to the sector you work in. 

Advice from Glocomms:

Think about what you would like your long-term career to look like, and talk to us so we can help to understand the right path for you to get there. AtGlocomms, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with hiring managers and are often able to find the perfect match between them and a candidate.