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Technology recruiter

Founded in 2013, today Glocomms is a leading specialist technology recruiter focused on providing exceptional talent acquisition support sector-wide. The global tech ecosystem is constantly changing - disruption, competition and evolution are permanent features. Staying ahead of the curve in an industry like this requires talented people with the vision and commitment to make great things happen. Finding these people can be time consuming and difficult for organisations looking alone - working with a recruitment partner such as Glocomms can help to simplify this process and ensure that it is in expert hands.

Working with a leading technology recruiter

Tech companies today are under intense pressure to find the right talent to ensure organisations survive and grow. Whether it’s to power innovation, build in resilience or enable an enterprise to be more competitive, having the right team on board can be transformative. Glocomms is a leading technology recruiter able to connect businesses with specialist technologists across a range of different subsectors. The firm’s coverage includes the following:

  • Cyber security, including security engineering and architecture, security operations and information security. Glocomms can help your business to recruit for a range of different roles within this sector, such as security engineers and architects, for incident response and penetration testing jobs, as well as DevSecOps, GRC and data security.

  • Data and analytics whether talent is required for data science or data engineering, machine learning roles or BI and analytics.

  • Development and engineering, from creative technology roles such as web development and UX design to core engineering jobs like CTO and backend engineering.

  • Commercial sales positions including sales managers and accounts executives and a whole range of marketing positions, including marketing design and product marketing.

  • Cloud and infrastructure, from Tech ops to cloud engineering and network systems/engineering.

 A global perspective

The tech sector doesn’t respect borders and it’s crucial that your talent acquisition process is as broad minded too. Working with a technology recruiter with a genuinely international reach is essential. Glocomms is part of the Phaidon International group and, as a result, is the go to recruitment partner of choice for 70+ world-leading companies. Glocomms consultants work in global hubs in locations all over the world, supporting clients looking for the best people wherever they may be found. This genuinely global perspective and reach is one of the reasons why Glocomms is a leading technology recruiter and has been able to nurture some very effective connections.


A dynamic team

Glocomms consultants are passionate experts with great depth of experience when it comes to finding the right specialist technologists for key roles. The firm invests in ongoing training for consultants, as well as best-in-class recruitment technology to ensure that service delivery is as tech-focused for the business as its clients. This approach enables the firm to deliver contract, permanent and multi-hire solutions that embed the right people in the right place at the most effective time.

Glocomms is a key technology recruiter with a wealth of experience - if talent acquisition matters to you then make sure you have the most productive hiring support.