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The Growing Demand for Tech in Boston

Posted on December 2022

City of Boston

The job markets of leading tech hubs have shifted in 2022. According to LinkedIn, a scarcity of talent across the US has transformed the nature of technology hiring, creating a dynamic that favors tech professionals and gives them full control over which job opportunities they wish to take advantage of in this thriving sector.

The Boston-Cambridge-Newton metro area is currently home to one of the fastest-growing high-tech sectors in the whole country. Due to this growth, there’s a huge demand for professionals in Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure Development and Software Development and Engineering.

Employment in high-tech industries in this metro climbed 19% between 2015-2020, compared to 8.9% nationwide. Growth was spurred on by the scientific research and development services industry and this upwards trajectory has had a positive effect on salaries too.

Currently, the average annual salary in the Boston metro is around 2 times higher than all other jobs in the same area. This bodes well for tech businesses looking for talent, as the Glocomms Tech Industry Report revealed that a higher base salary is one of the most important factors that professionals are looking for, especially when it comes to relocation.

Tech businesses in Boston are also in an enviable position as there’s a skilled and dynamic workforce that’s eager for new opportunities. Plus, there’s a constant stream of talent emerging from Boston’s leading engineering schools and graduate and undergraduate computer science programs.

Why Boston?

Boston is one of the most prominent tech hubs in the US, with available positions offering compensation to match. Statistics from Glassdoor note that the average annual salary for a Software Engineer in Boston in 2022 is $109,500, although Interview Kickstart notes that certain employers will pay up to $173,302 per annum.

Boston is also home to a range of sought-after employers, including the likes of NVIDIA, Salesforce, Adobe, Dell Technologies, AMD, and Red Hat. There are also several smaller start-ups emerging as the industry grows. This makes Boston a firm favorite for technology jobs, with a range of positions in high demand among tech companies in Boston such as:

  • Cloud Managers, Cloud Architects, and Cloud Engineers

  • DevOps Managers, DevOps Architects, and Site Reliability Engineers

  • Software, Full Stack, Front End, Back End Managers, Architects, and Engineers

  • Systems, Network, Infrastructure Managers, Architects, and Engineers

  • Data Managers and Data Architects

The diverse range of technology positions available means professionals can take their pick of leading tech companies and work arrangements, whether that’s on-site, remote, or hybrid.

With the growing demand for talent in Boston, this technology hub is in clear need of skilled tech professionals, and there has never been a better time for mid-to-senior and director-level candidates to apply.

Glocomms has an office based on the ground in Boston and specializes in connecting talent from the local Boston and wider area with leading tech firms and employers. Employers benefit greatly from this too as finding top tech talent is business-critical and having a reliable executive search partner is crucial to ongoing success.

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Relocating to Boston or working remotely for a tech company based in Boston can offer an exceptional number of opportunities to skilled tech professionals.

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