Can AI Democratize the Workplace?

​As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonly used in recruitment, will we see an increase in workplace diversity? Used correctly, AI promises to democratize the workforce by furthering the fair representation of women and ethnic minorities.

As we covered in the first part of this series, Advancing Women of Color, the diversity gap in STEM is a well-documented issue. Less than a quarter of the STEM workforce are women. Worse still, according to the National Science Foundation, only 9.9% are women of color.

While it’s true that there are less women of color graduating in STEM-related subjects, this lack of diversity cannot be explained away as simply a pipeline issue. Studies show that women of color are less likely to receive an job interview, despite having the same level of qualification and experience.

Machines may provide the answer. Removed from human prejudice, artificial intelligence promises to make calculations by cold logic alone.

This guide examines how AI is currently being applied throughout the recruitment process as part of a diverse hiring strategy. In Can AI Democratize the Workplace, you’ll find:

  • The psychology of implicit and explicit hiring biases

  • How AI can increase job applications from women and ethnic minorities

  • How AI can more fairly assess and predict candidate performance

  • Recommendations for creating a diverse candidate pipeline

Download the guide today for valuable insights into the benefits of AI recruitment technology.