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Talent Acquisition Trends for Cyber Security

Posted on July 2023

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The Cyber Security industry is becoming increasingly diverse, and the development of new technologies is powering rapid, fast-paced change in the sector. The Cyber Security market in the US is projected to grow by 8.53% from 2023 to 2028, resulting in a market volume of $103.40 billion by 2028.

In line with this rapid growth, according to data from Gitnux, the global Cyber Security workforce had a talent gap of 3.5 million workers as of 2021, and women’s representation in this industry is set to increase from 25% in 2022 to over 35% in 2031.

These shifting trends and talent gaps are shaping the way that Cyber Security organizations secure valuable talent to drive them forward. This guide will highlight key methods for improving your own talent acquisition processes to find the right people for your business.

The importance of candidate experience

Improving your candidate experience throughout the hiring process is becoming an increasingly important approach in the highly competitive Cyber Security sector.

You can improve the experience your candidates receive by communicating effectively and timeously and providing and accepting transparent feedback. Offering a personalized experience to your applicants that focuses on their unique skills, goals, and motivations is also advised.

Offer flexibility and remote work opportunities

Most Cyber Security professionals require remote work flexibility to maintain optimal productivity. These professionals may need to work during off-hours and over weekends and holidays, making remote flexibility essential not only to their workflows, but to the safety of their client organizations as well.

Sole Cyber Security professionals may also need to work on-site. Therefore, it’s essential to determine the best flexible working opportunities for candidates based on the nature of their specific roles.

Promote diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce allow for a range of experiences and perspectives to influence workflows and key processes. Diversity can promote improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced innovation, and more creative and pioneering solutions to challenges.

Having an inclusive workforce may also help to ensure that Cyber Security solutions are personalized according to the needs of an equally diverse user base.

Highlight career progression and growth opportunities

Offering career growth and progression opportunities to candidates is another highly effective way to attract and retain important talent. According to the 2022 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, while the global Cyber Security workforce is at a record high with 4.7 million professionals and counting, a further 3.4 million more workers are required to effectively secure key assets.

Moreover, with 64% of Cyber Security respondents seeking new skills growth certifications to stay up to date with security trends, offering these certifications will meet the motivations of your talent pool while also assisting you to keep vital talent within your organization.

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