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How to Write a Job Description for a Data Scientist Role

Posted on July 2023

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Writing an accurate, concise job description for a Data Scientist role is a vital part of attracting the best candidates for the position, while sharing relevant information about the role on offer. Job descriptions not only assist hiring managers and HR teams to find top talent, but also helps them to compete against other leading employers for the attention of experienced professionals considering new roles.

On the other hand, poor job descriptions can have the opposite effect, attracting the wrong or unqualified applicants, or even no applicants at all. When a job description fails to adequately communicate the expectations and requirements of the role, it can lead to a pool of candidates who are unqualified and may discourage qualified professionals from applying too.

In this article, we will explore the process of writing a job description for a Data Scientist position that attracts the highest quality candidates.

Writing a Data Scientist job description

A job description should provide interested candidates with all the information they need to know about a vacant role. The key elements to include in a Data Scientist job description are:

  • The official job title – With the growth of data teams, it’s important to highlight the specific role you’re looking for, whether that’s a Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Data Engineer.

  • The purpose of the role and key responsibilities – Data Scientists are in high demand across a vast range of industries, so what makes this role different? Bear in mind that many experienced professionals are looking for a job with meaning and a purpose that aligns with their values.

  • The objectives of the role – What do you expect to see from potential candidates in their first month, three months, and in the long term?

  • The experience, skills and qualifications required – Capture the specific industry experience and business acumen required, as well as soft skills that are crucial to success.

  • The salary – According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 82% of respondents said seeing a salary range in a job description gives them a more positive impression of a business.

  • The specific compensation structure and benefits on offer, including holiday entitlement – In a competitive market, offering a strong compensation package is key to secure talent, particularly when hiring for senior Data Scientist positions.

  • The working hours and work location – If flexible working hours or remote working opportunities are available, this should be outlined clearly.

  • Information about the company.

Including this information ensures that your job description attracts positive attention without leaving candidates with unanswered questions about the nature of the role being offered.

Main responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Responsibilities vary by industry and the size of the data team in question, so accurately defining the responsibilities of an open role assists hiring managers in locating candidates who are best suited to the open position. However, the most common job responsibilities for Data Scientists include:

  • Identifying and utilizing external and internal data sources to enhance business outcomes

  • Designing tools that improve data mining, data analysis, and validation

  • Designing and utilizing algorithms and data models to structure data sets

  • Developing tools and models of testing that ensure the accuracy of data

  • Presenting reports of key findings, solutions, and future recommendations

Collaborating with co-workers across departments to maximize productivity and positive outcomes

When summarizing the main responsibilities within a job description, it’s also important to consider what matters most to potential candidates and highlight the responsibilities and projects that will capture professionals’ interest. The testimonial below highlights how an accurate and interesting job description can showcase to potential hires the projects they may be involved in and help to attract the right candidates:

“I was very interested in the NLP work that Glocomms sent over to me. It is rare to have so much impact on the NLP lifecycle at a large company – but working for this innovative group allowed me to have that technical roadmap.” - Data Scientist

Important skills and qualifications required for a senior position

Senior Data Scientists are more deeply involved in long-term data driven projects and team management roles.

Senior positions often require a bachelor’s degree in data science, statistics, computer science or relevant fields, at least three years of experience in similar roles, and proven abilities in tasks such as preparing unstructured data, leading machine learning and modeling projects, and using SQL and Python for data science applications.

Successful candidates also need hard skills like advanced knowledge of data preparation, analysis and cleaning, and experience in using scripting and programming languages like Python, Java, and C++.

In addition to technical expertise and experience, soft skills are valuable for Data Scientists, particularly in senior positions. Effective communication, teamwork, and management skills are vital for collaboration across departments, and for managing and mentoring other members of the team. Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills are also vital in a rapidly evolving field like Data Science, so it’s important the job description outlines a blend of both technical hard skills and soft skills.

A summary of the company

Providing candidates with an overview of the hiring company’s values, culture and mission is also a crucial part of a Data Scientist job description. Outlining the benefits, the working environment, and why potential candidates should work for the company highlights all the factors that make working there appealing to prospective talent.

Hire the best Senior Data Scientists with Glocomms

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