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Development Engineering Career Paths and Progression

Posted on December 2022

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Looking to take the next step in your Development Engineering career? Whether you’re an established Development Engineer seeking exciting new projects to grow your skillset, or looking for your next challenge with a new company, there’s a wide range of opportunities available.

Engineering skills are transferable and can be applied across various industries. This provides a great opportunity, especially for mid to senior-level Engineers, to explore new career trajectories.

Development Engineers are usually tasked with identifying an organization’s key goals, as well as planning the development, design and testing of new products. Aside from Development Engineers, there are many other career paths available to experienced professionals today. Software Engineering and Data Engineering are both growing sectors which offer an increasing number of employment opportunities and room for career growth.

Opting for a Cyber Security Engineer role is another powerful way to expand your career and skillset. In the wake of rising cybercrime and data breaches, Security Engineers are increasingly sought after as more organizations are looking to digitize and automate their operations.

Engineering career paths and development options

As an experienced professional across Development Engineering there are numerous steps you can take to progress your career or enhance your existing set of skills and abilities.

Some of the most in-demand Development Engineering positions available today include those for: 

DevOps Engineers

As more organizations implement DevOps practices, job listings for positions in this field have risen by 75% in 2 years. Market research also shows that a DevOps Engineer is the most in-demand role in digitally enabled companies.

Technical Sales Engineers

With a projected growth of 8% between 2020 and 2030, there’s a steady demand for Technical Sales Engineers. This is an interesting career path as it merges sales experience and tech for those looking to maximize on these two skills, and presents an exciting new challenge due to the often high-pressure nature of this particular role.

Java Developers

Developers tend to always be in high demand and Java Developers are no different. A study by Mercer|Mettl revealed that Java Developers, followed by JavaScript and SQL Developers, are the most in-demand Development roles in 2022.

Digital Business Analysts

As companies increasingly rely on data to drive their decisions, the market for Digital Business Analysts is expected to grow faster than average in the next decade. 

Software Engineers

With a predicted 22.2% employment growth for Software Developers between 2020 and 2030, this is a sector which provides ample opportunity. Software is now ubiquitous in just about every facet of business, and it’s a constantly evolving industry.  

Principal Product Managers

Jobs in this sector are expected to grow faster than average at 8% over the next decade. A multi-faceted role that involves contributing to all product areas, including UX and marketing, PPMs require good technical and people skills.

Cloud Architects

Cloud services have grown by over 20% year-on-year and Cloud Architects are the most in-demand in the cloud domain. This opens up a variety of opportunities, with plenty of room for career growth within a Cloud-related role.

Cyber Security Engineers

One of the fastest growing jobs in the tech industry, Cyber Security Engineer demand is also at an all-time high, with an increase of 35% from 2021 to 2031 predicted.

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