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How to Survive a Marathon Interview Process

Posted on June 2021

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​The global tech sector is growing at a huge pace, with emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain revolutionizing the sector at a lightning pace. According to Comptia’s CyberStates report, there were 3.7 million tech job postings in 2018 in the US alone, with 400,000 postings in emerging technologies.

At this crucial time for the tech sector, it is vital for employers to make smart and considered hiring decisions, seeking candidates who hold both innovative spirits and loyalty to a company and its culture.

For crucial roles, the all-day interview has grown in popularity to help tech companies involve more executives in the hiring process. This is where candidates will face multiple interviews in one day. It is a tiring process for even the most motivated candidate and needs a lot of preparation.

Follow this guide to help you prepare for and survive a marathon interview process!

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